Hey Guys,

As you may have noticed, if you follow my blog- I’ve been slacking lately.  The main reason for it is that I decided when I started this blog that it wouldn’t be a blog about nothing.  I wanted to post entries that had content, or value, to you guys.  When I get an idea (hopefully an interesting one), I write about it.  It’s not very easy to force ideas, though, at least good ones.

So, how can we all win?  I’m hoping some of you will ask some interesting questions.  And please don’t limit them to strategy questions.  Personal questions are cool (though I may pick and choose some to answer).

I’d actually enjoy offering my opinions/advice on personal, real life problems the most.  I’ll still address poker questions of course- I know you guys would prefer that.

Please send any questions to askphil@philgalfond.com

Looking forward to my next post!

*Update*  Lots of questions coming in.  Thanks guys!  Please keep them coming, but keep in mind ‘will you coach me’  ‘what stakes should I play with $x’  ‘how can I recover from running bad’  and other generic questions have all been asked many times.  I’d much prefer to address problems/questions more specific to you (especially outside of or only peripherally related to poker), or specific questions about me or perhaps parts of my game or thought process that haven’t been talked about.

Take care.