Help Me Help Bruiser Raise Money For Cancer!

Hey Guys,

How’s it going?  Nice.

I’m writing this post today because my very good friend, Bruiser (sometimes called Vanessa), is on a mission to raise funds and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (  She’s running for LLS Woman of The Year, so not only does she want to help fight cancer, she wants to beat the other people who are helping fight cancer. (who doesn’t like winning?) You can find her personal donation page, with more details about her mission, here: Bruiser’s LLS Page

Bruiser has been working so, so hard these last few months.  I was hoping we could help her out, and help out a great cause at the same time.

I’ve set up a charity tournament on Pokerstars, and I’d love you guys to come play.   Stars tried to help out, but were unable to withhold a portion of the prize pool for us, so we ask that by entering, you agree to donate 50% of any winnings.  We will be offering non-cash prizes as a thank you (some valuable ones so far, I’d like to think).

The details are as follows:

Date:  March 11, 2012, at 3:00pm EST

Tournament ID:  525144041

Tourney Name:  Phil&Bru’s LLS Event

Buyin: $10+1

***We ask that you agree to donate 50% of any winnings from this event to LLS (transfer to my account and I’ll send to LLS)***

Password: donatetoLLS  (case sensitive)



1st Place:  2 Hours of Private Coaching from me

2nd Place:  1 Hour of Private Coaching from me

3rd-10th Place:  TBD
Any help we can get will be very much appreciated.


Added to the prize pool so far:

-1 Hour of Coaching from expert Mental Coach Jared Tendler

-1 Copy of “The Mental Game of Poker” signed by Jared Tendler

-5 one month memberships to Cardrunners

-5 copies of HoldemManager  (or equal store credit, if you already have HEM)

-1 Hour of coaching from Jorryt van Hoof, aka TheCleaner11

-1 Hour of coaching from Jason Koon

Thank you so much, to all of the people donating, both prizes and money, and everyone helping to spread the word of this event and LLS.

I will decide soon how to split up the prizes.  If I continue to get donations and the player pool doesn’t grow too large, I will set some aside for a 2nd tournament, or charity auction.   We have 50ish now, which is $500, while the current prizes are valued at roughly $10,000.  However, all of the above prizes WILL be included in the prize pool for this tournament on the 11th, regardless of how many sign ups we get.  Tell your friends!

*Final Update*

1st place – 2hrs of private coaching from me

2nd place – 1hr of private coaching from me

3rd-6th – Choose in order between 1hr coaching from Jared Tendler (+signed book), Jason Koon, or Jorryt.

7th-12th – 1 copy of Holdem Manager AND 1 month membership to

Any other prize donations – I appreciate all the emails I’ve received.  Due to the lower than expected turnout for this event, and the abundance of prizes, I’m going to think of something else to do with the rest of the prizes.  I’ll contact you to see if you’re still interested in donating the prizes at a later date.  Thank you so much!

See you guys at the tables tomorrow!

*End Update*

If you’d like to help us out by donating coaching, or whatever else you can think of (an autographed pair of your pants), please email me at and I’ll update this page with a full list of prizes as the date approaches.  If you’d like to contribute to LLS on your own, please go to This Page and find the donation link.

Also, if you could help spread the word about this event, that would be super cool.  Twitter, Facebook, Post Cards, Tumblr (does anyone know what Tumblr even does?  I have no idea).

Thanks for reading (Bruiser thanks you too).

Take care, guys.



36 Replies to “Help Me Help Bruiser Raise Money For Cancer!”

    1. Definitely! Just post here or email me your stars name when you send, and I’ll look for the transfer and set it aside.

  1. Is this avalaible only on
    In case, are you interested about running a similar tournament on also?

  2. in before “Date w/ Bruiser for the tourney winner” requests

    anyway, great thing. Poker Community should invest some money into something like that!

    i’m a small time grinder, but i’ll try to send some money

    1. Hmm. I didn’t think of that. If you’re willing to donate another way (credit card, check) if you win, then you should. I bet there’s a way to figure something out with Stars anyways.

  3. Yes ofc.
    Different topic Phil. I watched some of your HU with MaiseE and had some questions/thoughts on the game. On more than one hand he had ‘thinly’ value bet you on reasonable sized pots and got paid off and more than once you checked down better value spots imo. Two spring to mind the hand where he bets the top two pair TJ on a possible str8 board and when you had 4 bet pre flop and you end up with the low str8, you had 5679 or something.
    You also checked nuts a couple of time and got no bites but he got you on a big hand where he check raised on the turn with KKK and you paid him.
    I am in no doubt you are a better player than I but I did feel you left 30-40k behind that game. I played you a bit at 200-400 in ’08 but economy took my roll.
    No criticism intended but if you have time I would like to hear your thoughts on my comments.
    GL at the tables.

    1. Click requests in your top menu, and then “Find a Tournament.” Enter the Tournament ID number above, and it should pop up.

      Or, go to the Tournaments tab, then Private tournaments, and search by date or name.


  4. Hello, Phil, i’ll help as much as i can. I have cancer and have been dealing with it for 4 years now, i’ll do whatever’s in my power to help you and Bruiser.

  5. Im registered thanks for replying.I did not know it was private,i dont like NHLE i prefer PLO, but i do couse few days ago i lost a friend for this cause,and today i saw your twiit and was something I had to do .you are great poker player but is more important be great person,good lck.
    Im pbloko1.

    sorry for my english

  6. Great cause phil, top man. Just signed up for tournament, there is a group of us play weekly will try and get the rest involved. We are in the U.K so not sure how the private coaching would work. Good Luck at the tables.

  7. Nice. I’m down for a good cause like this. Count me in. Also is there a PO box i can send the abundance of autographed pants that i have pre-signed from a previous charity arrangement? Apparently there was a miss understanding on my part and they were in fact “joking” and had no intentions of ever accepting my slacks. 😀

  8. Hope this is big success, sadly will not be able to play due to prior arrangements, but I have transferred the buy in and small donation to you phil (would of been larger but my recent donation to the howard lederer and chris ferguson retirement fund left me short 🙂 ). One thing I cannot see mentioned are you playing Phil? As no doubt if you were that would raise number of entries. Good luck to all and well done Vanessa for your good work.

  9. why now Phil,why?…I would be happy to help but I have 0 $ on my Pokerstars account again :(….I am terrible poker player…i am going on mission impossible….i will try to make money with my FPP…if I succeed i coming baby to win tournament and give all winning money to Bruiser 🙂

  10. Hi Phil, this tourney isnt availble for .eu users?

    Anyways tried to ship you my broll on stars aswell and that didnt work either. Any suggestions for .eu users?

    Frequent reader of your blog, really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

    Would love a blogg about Isildur. Railed the whole session yesteray and it kinda makes me sick to see all the regs go after him in the ring games. I get a feeling its him against rest of stars sometimes. He truly is one of a kind, creates so much action but still seems to have most ethics in the whole HS community. I have never seen him hit´n run or refuse anyone action while most opponents quit him as soon as they realize he is playing his A-game. Anyways big kudos for staying and playing him HU. Do you consider it +EV to 8-table him HU? Anyways great session and happy to see you both came out on top of it!

    Try to find a sollution for us .eu users, I´d love to support a good cause instead of blowing away my money to some nitty eastern european guy 😛

  11. Can i donate without playing the tourney phil?
    I lost a very dear friend suffering from the same..
    I would love to make donations..
    Please suggest me a alternative method.
    I do have a account at Pstars.

  12. Hey Phil great idea, signed up. Would love a blog on Isildur1, your thoughts on him in HU and 6 max, and explain in depth why he has crushed so much and is 1 of the greatest.

  13. nice phil, was playing on stars when i noticed u and isi having a seesion ended up just watching the tables, good session for you, was good to watch as well, will be good to read what people say about isi again either here or elsewhere. 🙂

  14. Hi Phil,

    I play at to make it tax-free for me. The tourney is not available there. Is it possible for Stars to combine all stars licenses so we can all play?


  15. That is some sick prices to replace the money, especially with your 1/2 hours coaching. Really good idea. Too bad the time zone is off for me but I will still buy-in and sit out.

  16. Dear Phil,

    I’ve seen you tweet about the tourny, maybe you should get some Pokerstar’s Pros (like Daniel, Lex, etc.) to re-tweet it. I think that’ll greatly increase the numbers!


  17. Just registered!

    Great to be part of a cause thats close to me, with some great players and extraordinary prizes!

    well done 🙂


  18. I would love to play but unfortunately I do not live in a free country so I can not play on Poker Stars. I hope you get a lot of people for this good cause. And get some sleep…

    1. hit ‘request’ in the poker stars lobby, then ‘transfer funds’ and transfer half or more of what you won to MrSweets28, then email him ( with your stars name and where you came, particulary if you got in top 12.


  19. Hello fellas,

    could you plz make another one? Was unable to play and would like to take part in the cause 🙂

    Best regards.

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