About Phil

About Phil

Hmmm…  I feel like anyone who’s made it here knows plenty about me and my poker career, but my website looks so empty without anything other than a blog.

Where to start?  I began playing poker somewhat seriously in 2003 (I’d gambled with friends throughout my teenage years, but never made any attempts to play well)  A couple of years later, when I turned 21, I dropped out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to pursue poker full time.

Starting out with a focus on SNG (sit-n-go) tournaments for the first 2-2.5 years, I switched to No Limit cash games.  After getting the hang of that, I moved over to PLO.  I guess I’d consider myself a PLO specialist now, though I’d like to think I’m still competent at No Limit cash and NL tournaments.  I’ve dabbled in Mixed games, but calling myself “competent” there would be bit of a stretch.

I guess I’m mostly known for winning and losing large sums of money in high stakes cash games.  I also have done a lot of poker teaching, through articles, videos, and likely some other ways.

Outside of poker, I like lots of things.  Read my blog sometime, and maybe you’ll hear about them.  Honestly, I just wrote this as fast as I could so I could have something here.  I’ll likely add to it one day, or not.  I tend to get caught up in playing poker and forget about things like this.

It seems like most ‘About Me’ sections are written in the third person.  Phil Galfond finds it awkward to write that way though.

Take care, guys.