Video Blog Test Run

Hey Guys,

As promised,  here’s my first shot at a vid blog.  I just wanted to get something done quickly so I could get some feedback and ideas for future videos.  Please, please, please let me know what you like/dislike and what you’d like to see in the future.

I hand-picked a couple of the questions from the comments on my previous blogs.  In the future, I might go ahead and ask for questions, or give you an email address to send to or something.  Again though, I’m looking for any ideas/suggestions you have.





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  1. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for being different than other top pros in that you’re making yourself more accessible and open. I’m sure it’s a great inspiration for all poker players — pros and amateurs alike — to see someone like you being so good, yet still be human and be very grounded at the same time.

    Ever thought about starting a foundation or charity? As poker players, I know we’re mostly consumed by our passion for the game and drive to win and improve all the time, etc. but at the same time, sometimes (the more socially conscious of us who are not so self-absorbed) can’t shake off the feeling that we’re not really contributing much to society to make the world a better place…

    Yeah I know it’s sounds so idealistic but then again, I think you have the rare chance to have a platform and means to actually do something like this.

    You don’t have to aim high/dream big and change the world, etc. — but I’m sure making a difference in the life of even just one person would be a start. It might even inspire other poker players to do the same.

    Just throwing it out there.


    1. Thanks Yves,

      Yes, I think that’s something I’d be into, but not anytime in the next couple years. To do it right, I’d need to take a lot of time away from playing and studying the game.

      There are plenty of projects I’d like to work on once I’m, I don’t know, semi-retired from poker?


  2. Hey phil;

    great first blog!

    as a big fan of yours for years, it is great to see any sort of insight into your life, I find it very interesting

    I was wondering if you could specifically go into playing isildur lately. Id love to hear about how you feel about his game,and how you mentally prepare to play him.

    Also, id love to hear about your daily routine in vancouver, what time you wake up, specifics would be great.

    Anyways, I enjoyed this and you really are an inspiration to alot of us, and you are really great for the game of poker.

    1. Thanks so much, John.

      I could talk about Isildur in a future blog, definitely. And my routine. Thanks for the suggestions and the kind words.

      Take care.


  3. Hey Phil,

    Decent first video blog – well done and keep them coming.

    How are you enjoying Vancouver so far? I moved here myself in September for a year (travelling) so I was wondering how much of the city you’ve managed to see so far. Have you done the Grouse Grind yet?!

    On the poker side of things I was wondering how much emphasis you placed on your physical well-being and how much time, if any, you dedicate to physical activity/workouts. You talk of 20 hour sessions and this must be pretty taxing physically and mentally.

    All the best,

  4. I just have one suggestion. You should take questions from people and write down your answers, and then have Vanessa Ragland tape the video blog for you, reading your answers.

    Best of both worlds, right?

  5. I just wanted to say you’re my hero. Anything you put on here is awesome. I feel like I can relate to a lot of the stuff you say. The video blog was really cool and I have no criticisms.

  6. Hey Phil,

    Cool vlog. I know it doesn’t really give you ideas but I find any blog updates or interviews with you to be interesting, so I really have no specific preferences on what your updates are about. Also, I hope you don’t feel bad/guilty about going a little while without updating if you’re busy. You’re not obligated to do these blogs for us fans or anything (Not that I’m complaining, it’s awesome that you are updating so frequently). Also, the audio quality is fine without the headset.


    P.S. Just wondering, what ever happened to On The Table?

  7. How bad of a downswing are you on that you can’t afford food? I’m sure there’s help if you just ask.

    Otherwise enjoyable, thanks. I agree that a McDonald’s drive-through headset would be a little dorky, but I’m playing that window in the background so do what makes you happy.

  8. Hey Phil,

    Video quality and sound were great for me fwiw, on another note, since I can’t grind online anymore I’ve transitioned to the live scene and have been grinding live cash for a living but still face some similar problems I had when I was playing online. The problem being allocating time to do, “normal,” people things. Any suggestions on activities to do or a plan you worked out for yourself that you have found to work?

    Keep the blogs and videos coming!

  9. Phil-

    Why don’t more poker players take their knowledge of risk management and decision making and apply it to investing outside of poker? Like maybe the public markets, or real estate or something?


  10. One other quick question – a lot of today’s poker players are self taught data miners. They’re constantly going through their results to look for areas of improvement. These concepts are only now becoming mainstream in business. Do you think there is room for poker player to take those self taught skills to the workforce?

  11. have you seen JCarvers eating cake vids? they are pretty light hearted while still being entertaining and educational. i would love to see you play low stakes 6 max or something you know just for fun and perhaps satirically ‘analyzing’ some of the hilarious plays you see people make at these stakes. maybe trying to turn $100 bucks into a thousand or something like that. whatever you come up with i’m sure will be great!

  12. Enjoy watching you, humble and sincere person a rarity in poker it seems. Do you have specific recommendations for learning PLO. Live in NJ don’t know where I could get experience etc. I am a low limit tournament player, learning NLH via playing 2-3x a month in AC tourneys (not much I know)and reading, studying a following all things poker. Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions. Will be following you for sure.

  13. hey phil!
    great video!! maybe more philosophy videos? You said you were gonna make 3 videos after BFP stuff. Is that going to push through?

  14. As someone mentioned before you could do a lil segment on Isildur Also I asked another pro this once, but how often do you exercise and does it make a change to your focus on if you exercise or not? I would like to see a vid of you playing and not training, but really just your mindset. I have watched a lot of training vids, but its different when we(who wonder what possessed that dumbass to call my reraise with that crap) are playing and something absurd happens than what is on the training vids. The absurd has to happen during ur sessions as well. It would be nice to see or watch you deal with it.
    As someone else said, I think you’re a great player and good guy. Keep up the work. Definitely a gentleman of the poker game.


  15. Hey Phil first I want to say I respect what you’re doing and the video. I am a college freshman and I really enjoy poker, I believe I am pretty good at it, but I definitely know there is no way I am going to stop school to play it. I play low stakes because I don’t have a high bankroll as of now. I want to play part time though while going to school. I guess my main question is do you have any advice for someone like me, and I notice you are good at handling the variance, do you have any advice as how to handle it so well? Thank you!

    1. Andy I think one tip from me would be that dealing with variance will become much easier the more hands you play. It sort of just clicks at some point (through a lot of pretty heart breaking stuff for me) and you understand you made the right move and there’s nothing more you could have done.

  16. Hey Phil,

    Have you ever played in the underground private games in New York? I hear Nick Schulman, Viffer, and others participate in regular high stakes games around the city…do you know anything about them?

  17. Really enjoyed your first vlog post Phil. Audio/video quality was good. It was interesting to hear your more candid thoughts about family support, emotional swings etc.

    A suggestion for your next post would be to talk about how you adjust your game to different player types. Would also be interesting to hear about your relationships off the virtual felt with other high stakes players.

    Looking forward to the next post!


  18. Hey Phil,
    Good video blog,really enjoyed your honesty in regards to being a pro,how you can still stress at times and the advise about playing full time instead of working or study, that it’s not for all. I find alot of the articles I read about poker, make it sound easy to make crazy amounts of money,which in turn is bullshit for the most of us.
    I think if you showed some more hands on video( live or examples)that would be cool,but even Q n A I found cool, so thanks again mate.

  19. What up Phil,

    First, Love the video blog. Your videos are more than enough of a contribution to society- followed you on BFP since 2007.

    Second, You look great(no-homo). Are you on any diet/workout routine in Canada?

    Video & audio was perfect w/o a mic or haircut. Content was also awesome. Great to hear about your family’s perspective of pro-poker, as well as how you handle swings/grinding/life-happiness.

    In the future, continue to create videos just like tonight. Responding to comments/questions, talking about your life & poker.

    We all enjoy hearing anything you talk about, especially since you are so open & genuine with your responses.

    This video blog reminds me of the marine in Avatar. Would be cool to see a daily 15min video of whatever you want to discuss in your life- especially n the long run..would be great for fans and to reflect personally, like a video journal.

  20. One thought is that you could post a little summary of topics you cover in your video blog (or something like which questions you’re answering, in order) just before the video (not actually in it) so people can sort of get an idea of what you’re covering.

    Not even a big deal if you do or don’t, just thought it might be nice for some people. If it’s too cluttered then that’s all fine and dandy, no need to do it.

    Appreciate you making this blog though, Phil. Here’s to hoping you keep doing a good job!

  21. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for being so open about your life and poker. Your ability to teach and breakdown difficult poker concepts is unparalleled. I was a member of Bluefire and learned so much from you.

    I think the audio on the vblog was good. I’d love to hear more.

    One of the things that would be cool is for you to address your pregame routine. What do you do before a session to prepare yourself both mentally and strategy wise?

    Keep on crushing!


  22. Hey Phil. I’ve watched every one of your training videos and would like to thank you so much for getting me into PLO. My love for poker jumped tremendously. I think your blog is great and I’m glad you’re answering questions about actually being a poker player for a living. I live in the u.s. now but I’m definitely considering a move to pursue poker further so everything you can say about playing full time is awesome advice for me. I wouldn’t definitely like to hear more of that along with your daily routine and how many hours you put in each week. You look like you’ve gotten into great shape, so well done there! My friend got to meet you last wsop while you were walking around with Don. I’m hoping I can run into you this year. I really feel like you’re the only really big pro who is still.. human.. if that makes sense.

  23. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for doing all this. Really sad to see you leave bluefirepoker. I watched and enjoyed all your videos. You absolutly make the best PLO videos on the market.

    Any plans on continue making traing videos on other sites?

  24. Hey Phil,

    Been enjoying the blog posts, keep ’em coming!

    I would be interested in hearing about how poker has affected the way you view and experience the world. Do you think poker concepts have informed your approach to thinking about other aspects of your life? Do you find your decisions have been more logic-based and less emotions-based pre and post poker, etc.

  25. I haven’t enjoyed listening to a top pro ever. Suggestions; I think a headset mike would be better (dorkyness aside). A blog on classic blow ups by opponents. How you see others handle stress , good and bad.

    Bellingham wa

  26. Not gonna mention pokers, but huge congratulations on the weightloss, its obvious to me, you have dropped a ton.

    You look healthy and happy from that one vid, hopefully youre not dropping a ton because youre playing way to much after black friday and not eating 🙂

  27. Hi, Phil. Nice vlog. Appreciate you being so open to the poker community. Got a couple of questions for you:

    1. Can you give us a little insight on what really happened to BFP? Why (more precisely) did everything turn out the way it did? Why did you leave? I’ve read your post on 2+2, just wanted to know if you can go into details now, since you’ve moved and some time has already passed by.

    2. I’d also like to double those guys, who encouraged you above to make more philosophy / mindset-like video entries, if it’s something you would enjoy doing, too.

    Finally, last thing. As somebody has already mentioned – it would be really great if you put some ‘show-notes’ (podcasting term btw 🙂 on your vlog entries, so we can get the idea of what you’re gonna talk about. Gonna watch either way though 🙂

    Thanks again. Take care.

    Anton K.

  28. Hey Phil,
    I know you guys do such long hours playing, so how do you cope with little sleep( year after year) and how long can you keep this going?

  29. Hey Phil, damn you are in very good shape latetly, u look good 🙂 I had some toughts about your vlog, maybe it helps you: if you want to reach that people regulary watch the updates, I would recommend to think in shorter videos. Since it’s not another training video, for sure a lot of people will watch it in the beginning, but than after a while it gets annoying to find out if its about just some random update, or there are also some hidden strategy things somewhere. I personally like to hear some life updates, but guess the most of the visitors come to get the Galfond poker magic. Or, if not shorter, than split it to more parts, and than you can produce more updates. You can improve the piture quality with a light which is directed on your face, and not coming from your back. You could try to sit somewhere else, not before a white wall, check some old diggnation episodes, they look kinda cool with the room where they guys sit(

    Hope you will find these lines usefull, all the best

  30. Hi Phil,

    Just watched the first vlog, great job!

    I noticed you have made a couple of positive comments about Vancouver and Canada in general, as a Canadian I would be interested to hear your take on what you like and dislike.

  31. Hey Phil,

    Loved your insight regarding going full time in the poker world. I think a lot of people do tend to get caught up in the image portrayed by ESPN and the WSOP, when in reality there is very little “glory” in poker.

    I think everyone reading can appreciate your honest approach to your own game as well as the blog you write for all of us viewing.

    Keep it up and enjoy Vancouver, it’s one hell of a city isn’t it?

  32. Hey Phil!
    thanks for taking time to make these vids! much appreciated!! There has been a huge discussion that micro are raking to much and should be lowered and highstakes are raking proportionally much less than the micros.. what your opinion about this? These is a whole thread about this at 2+2. I think that lowering the rake for micros will benefit us all given the cashflow will be much better since players can move up much quicker and easier and recreational players will “live” longer.. I was wondering if you could talk a little about this and help spread the words! 😀

  33. simple suggestion: have a more interesting background for your v-blogs, at least some poster or something instead of a blank wall. would actually make a big difference imo.

  34. Phil,

    I’m a huge fan of what you do. I really enjoy that your taking away from your busy schedule to deliver us amazing/inspirational blogs. I look forward to more upcoming one.

    Salvatore Del Mastro.

  35. Sup Phil,

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to reach out to the poker community and be so open and enthusiastic of any type of question one may have. It truly means a lot.

    I wanted to ask you what your outlook is for the future of the poker industry as a whole (legislation or not)? You mentioned that most of the high stakes action has dried up and with your move to Canada, is there enough incentive to keep playing the game full time? Why didn’t you move to Vegas and play live instead of moving out of the country? Was it merely preference?

    Furthermore, what do you predict the turnout will be for the WSOP this year?

    Thanks for your time,

  36. Hey Phil. I have asked you a couple of questions some time ago at 2+2. Check your pm please. I hope those might give you some food for thought.

    I will be very grateful.


  37. Great vid Phil, you’ve got a genuine thought process that is great to here. What kind of work are you still doing away from the tables to improve your game. More villain specific studying, or just going over hands for the day, or studying specific spots in which you were having trouble.

  38. Hey Phil,

    great v-blog 😉
    I think the content was very interesting even for non-poker-persons and you’re right about the headset. I think the way you did the v-blog is just fine.

    What I’d like you to talk about is the size of the swings in terms of buy-ins, because obviously 300k at 25/50 is 60 buy-ins and I’ve never even had swings bigger than 10 buy-ins in one for example 7k hands session. How do the swings get that big? and how can you know it’s just a normal swing and not a permanent loss?

    Also I’d like to know how you calculate your winrate,because with swings of 60 buy-ins in one session you need millions and millions of hands at pretty much every level to even come close to an accurate winrate. I’m really not interested in your finances so please just talk about buy-ins and BB/100.

    Something else entirely: Do you have a girlfriend? And if so how do you manage your relationship when you’re playing 20 hours in a row and travelling to Canada? If that’s a little bit too private for you please don’t answer that 😉

    Hope I gave you some ideas for future v-blogs.

    Anyways great to see you blogging!

    Kind regards,

    Phil (I really have the same name!)

  39. Nice video.

    It is nice to see such a well respected and successful player talk about the downsides of poker. I feel personally that i am happier when i am making a steady stream (non-variable) of income outside of poker, and when i am filling my time with non poker activities. It helps to keep me sane and away from constantly thinking about poker.

    Would be interested in seeing a-day-in-the-life-of video, despite you downplaying the glamor of it.

  40. Hi Phil,

    great blogs so far, including this vlog. Thanks!

    I would find it interesting if you at some point could blog about something not-poker, say philosophy. You seem like a (very) deep thinker, obviously in poker but if it carries over to other topics as well, it would be cool to hear about.

    Cheers and good luck!

  41. Hi Phil,

    I showed this video to a friend of mine and he expressed his sadness that you are now “less cuddly” as a result of your weight loss. Any chance you could put a few pounds back on?

    Thanks in advance, Ben.

  42. Phil,

    This is a great video blog. The candor, insight and lack of pretension is as unusual as it is terrific. As much as any parceling of strategy, the availability of your thoughts on professional poker are very useful to me. Thanks for putting this out; I hope you continue to share your perspective.


  43. Phil, let’s just face facts: You are hotness personified. So cute, so smart, so adorable…. great personality, really nice demeanor, brilliant mind, nice soothing voice too.

    Here’s my only recommendation for your video blogs. Please, please, please…. take off your shirt!!!! 🙂

    Thanks for all the great ideas you share to the poker community. You are amazing. And hot. But I said that already.

  44. Hey Phil,

    Firslty, I would like to congratulate you on all your success at poker and studying the game. Most people do not realize the importaance of taking hours after hours of studying the game. Sure, some people are more talented than others. However, through studying of the game I believe that skill aquired over powers the talent.
    What are your thoughts on studying the game? More importantly, if you could talk about how you began studying the game, at what age, how, etc.

    Furthermore, if you could talk a little bit about how to study the fast growing game of Omaha. I’ve read some books on it, but I find these do not go into depth about todays fearless PLO online game. Do you believe this is an area of poker where most the studying has to be done by one’s self by analyzation and thinking? OR is there stiff out there which explians some of this hyper agressive online PLO game?

    Once again, thank you for all you have done in for the poker community. Wish you the best for the future games 🙂

    PS: I am in college now, studying Statistics and Aplied Math, focusing in the Gaming industry and taking various classes on poker to furhter my game.
    One last point: I am from europe, so during the school holidays i spend tons of time at home playing online MTT’s and making a decent amount of money. SO FRUSTRATING to be back in the USA without online poker, and not being 21 i cant go to the casino… Guess that leaves time to get better at the game 😉

  45. I don’t know if it’s rude to ask or if you’ll talk about him – but is durrrr still playing a lot of poker? I haven’t heard about him (aside from a few of his posts on twoplustwo).

  46. Hi Phil,

    Good to see you, it’s been sad not being able to watch you play since all of the poker shows have been canceled. You look well and the video and sound quality are excellent. Thanks for keeping everyone updated, looking forward to more video blogs and normal blogs:) Good luck with everything:D

  47. Really like your view on things. Pretty laid back and yet have strong motivation to play lower stakes than what you’re used to. Good luck for 2012!

  48. Hi there from Greece.

    Make a video every month starting from January 2012 using Pokertracker or any similar program and comment your sessions, biggest hands (lossing and winning), your graphs and whatever you want to show us.

  49. Hi Phil,

    I really appreciate your blog/videos etc.

    keep on the good work. you’re the person i respect the most in poker.

    btw, would be really cool if you could show some pics of your grinding station 🙂


  50. Hey Phil,

    Enjoyed the Video Blog, looking forward to some more V-Blog’s

    I would like to hear about how you study the game away from the table to improve. Do you do HH reviews on yourself and your opponents to find leaks? Do you use HEM with Omaha or something like ProPokerTools to run equities vs ranges? Thanks for your time and I hope you get some run good ^^



  51. Hey Phil,

    Glad to see you posting again, I think a lot of the community feels a void during stretches where you are doing other things and don’t post for a while.

    As far as the format and the quality, this works well; can hear and see you fine, and you responding to questions is always going to be received well because I am sure a lot of people continue to watch and post to see if you respond to their particular questions. Personally, I wish that the majority of questions asked we’re not so much in regards to “how do you deal with swings” or “how do you move down stakes” because to me it seems like people trivialize you as a poker player and ignore other stuff you are doing.

    For example, it is very apparent that since we have last “seen” you, you have really worked yourself into shape and it would be cool if you would maybe went into what you had been doing during that time period, so instead of telling us how you dealt with [insert poker event here] you could just kind of talk about stuff that has interested you recently. If it’s poker, it’s poker, if working out or doing your improv etc etc. I like hearing a balance about Phil the person as opposed to only Phil the poker player. That probably is because I feel a bit of connection being that we are basically the same age and are from the same area, going to churchill and playing sports against you growing up. And because of that I have pretty much followed your career since just after graduating hs (largely because allegedly my father knew or knows yours and he asked about you a fair amount so I had to look into it)

    I guess with that ability to empathize with you in a sense growing up in the same area and being the same age my questions would be how do you feel your current situation was affected by growing up in a town with the pressures that potomac has, from the community as well as friends and their families? You laughed when you said it was kind of expected of you by your family to be successful when you got in to poker, but I really didn’t even crack a smile because I know you could have inserted any profession in place and it would have been the same statement coming out of your mouth. Also, how do you feel when you go home and are around friends at very different points in their lives? Our 10 year reunions are right around the corner, and you know how the people from the area view “success” and with you and almost certain lock to be the most successful from a materialistic potomac point of view, but there still being thoughts from some that at some point you will blow it and lose it all.

    Getting off point and running long I guess, but be sure to include Phil the person in these videos so it doesn’t feel like you are being interrogated by the internet. Take a few minutes to talk about whatever is going on in your life or mind whenever you record, if nothing else so you can look back later in life and remember where you were at at certain points in time.

    Thanks for the update,


  52. Hey Phil, just wanted to say that reading/watching your blog really motivate me to play and work on my game. So thanks allot for that.

    As far as suggestions. I think your setup is fine now. Headset would look weird.
    Maybe you can talk abit about your lifestyle or the poker lifestyle.

    Also do you have times when maybe poker diddnt go so well and your really not in the mood to play for some time ? What do you do about that. How do you make yourself play again and motivate yourself to play ?

    Btw do you play play live these days ? Have youve been to maccau or will you go, and is the action really that sick ?

    Ohyea been to NYC this year for the first time (im european) really sick. Get why you lived there. Would love to live the one day.

    Ok keep it up and gl!

  53. Phil,

    You are one of the coolest poker pros out there. Love the way you explain things, share things, and express things. You come off as an amazingly nice person too and someone who deserves only the best things in life.

  54. Hey Phil,
    Love seeing you giving back to the poker community this way via your blog and vlog. Wondering if you could talk about your computer set for multi-tabling…ie. computer/monitor screen size, poker tracker, table ninja, or whatever else you use. Just recently begun multi-tabling up to 6 tables, but wont be able to do more than that on my laptop…any advice….also do you use PC or Apple?
    Hope you can keep up the blog as I am sure you are busy, but really do love seeing the authetic you!!!

  55. Seconded on the JCarver idea. His videos are really good, if you haven’t watched them, you should. He has a YouTube channel. If you did something similar I think it’d be really popular.

  56. Hey Phil,

    You are an inspiration to me and I don’t mean just for poker but also as a general mental state.

    Keep up the good work. Love reading or watching anything you make available. Too bad I went so busto my BFP subscription bounced lol.

    take care.

  57. Howdy Phil. I know Buck (from your days at BlueFire) and play against him in the Monday Night mixed game in Austin.

    Anyway, you wanted to ask for advice on how to make a better video blog. I do have some suggestions for you.

    You’ve got the basics down, but I think there are two problems – Audio and Lighting.

    You don’t need to wear a headset. Headsets do tend to work well because they move the microphone closer to your mouth. The closer to your audio source, the less echo, the less distortion. It just sounds better. But they’re also uncomfortable and a bit unsightly. That’s why I’d recommend using a lavalier microphone. The ones I use are from Giant Squid Audio Lab, specifically the Omnidirectional Mono Microphone.

    Now, they only come with 5ft cords, and I wouldn’t recommend using a longer cord than that, as longer unshielded microphone cords can pick up interference from cellphones, police radio, etc. But 5ft may not be enough to reach over to your camera with enough slack.

    Here’s what I do to fix this problem: I record to a separate audio recorder; the Zoom series works very well, and just synchronize in post using PluralEyes. But this is getting complicated for podcast purposes. (Still, it’s an option)

    An alternative is to use XLR cable. XLR cable is shielded and grounded to pick up less interference. If your camera is high-end, it may have XLR inputs for your microphone (They’re three-pronged, compared to the one little hole.) If you’re using a camera without XLR inputs (and chances are any consumer camera doesn’t have XLR inputs), you’ll have to get an adapter, which can be as complicated as an adapter complete with preamps and mixer (I use Juicedtek mixers), or just a simple patch cable,with XLR on one end and 1/8″ plug on the other.

    Of course, if you want to go with the absolute simplest way to work, you could just use a camera mounted shotgun microphone, like the Videomic Pro from Rode (The non-pro Videomic works, but I have had a lot of trouble with the shock mounts wearing out with heavy use.) You wouldn’t get as good audio from that as you would from a lav, but you would see a noticable improvement.

    Finally, when you encode your video, make sure that you are encoding at a high audio bitrate. The video bitrate can suffer a bit, but audio bitrate is very important… otherwise you sound like you’re underwater, and it’s distracting.

    As for lighting, you don’t need to get too fancy, you just want to make sure that your lighting doesn’t cast too harsh shadows on your face. Right now, it looks like you’re using some standard overhead lighting. What I’d consider is using some sort of reflector to bounce some of the light back onto your face. There are pro reflectors, but if you’re penny pinching (ha!) you can use the shiny back of a mylar styrofoam board from Home Depot.

    If you’re really interested, you can use some work-lights on stands to really brighten things up. Just put one at a 45 degree angle to you, and a reflector at a 45 degree angle to you. If you use LEDs, they won’t create heat, so you can “soften” the light simply by scotch-taping some printer paper over it. (Do NOT do this with halogen, it will start a fire!) Just be careful not to mix light sources. Different light sources have different color characteristics, and the difference can be jarring. Just remember to match like with like or use reflectors – sunlight, incandescent, fluorescent, and LEDs all have different color temperatures.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you’ve got other questions.

    — Brian

  58. Great first blog pst Phil. I appreciate the true insight into a pro players mind without the glamorous facade TV can make it out to be.

  59. Phil… Since you make videos all the time you should invest in a cheap HMI light kit… Basically for your white background you would overexpose the background and actually make it pure white… Then have a light bouncing off the ceiling with a reflector underneath your face… Your videos would look some much more professional… You put so much time into them already you might as well make them look good… The light from your laptop screen is not doing the trick…

  60. Hey phil,

    always appreciate how u taking time for the community and strategy wise you are my absolute favourit. But one thing i like to know more than any of your poker success strategies, how did you loose that much weight? im struggeling with that since i discovered poker and stopped cycling. i gained more than 40 pounds and i cant get rid of it.

    pls tell me that secret 🙂 im very proud of you, you achieved that.



  61. Hi, Phil!
    Very good start with your first blog. I like The way you discuss everything about poker and analyse the hands you have played. I also agree with one commentator, that you are different from other top pros by being accessible to the public. That is why you are inspiration for most poker players. Thank you, Phil. Cant wait to see your next blog. Keep it up.

  62. A fresh start on your own website where you have more control over content & direction is a good thing. First post sort of rambles but this is expected as an intro.

    Welcome to Vancouver. Suggestions?
    (1) Alternate “general Blog posts” w life, travel, various subjects with “Pure Poker Blogs” where you tackle one or two poker subjects will give people the best of both worlds. It also allows you to later table of content your Blog posts to allow new people joining to access, say, your Blogs on Spain, then 3-bet ranges, or even tournament format discussions. (You also gain the benefit to check if you are repeating yourself later)
    (2) Paint the wall behind you.
    (3) Get a website design firm to expand your website to have your playing schedule as a professional which I think would be of interest.
    Great start on your website!

  63. Our Federal Govt. is operating so far outside of its design parameters that this type of discussion becomes futile. IMHO the place to start is reducing tax which would force massive reductions in power and programs, bringing the govt. more in line with the founders structure. Only then can a discussion vis-a-vis federal and state govts. become worthwhile.

  64. Great blog, Thank you for being so open and honest. You’ve always been a favorite poker player of mine, and this is definitely a testament to that.

  65. hello!,I really like your writing so a lot! proportion we keep up a correspondence extra about your post on AOL? I need an expert on this area to resolve my problem. Maybe that’s you! Having a look ahead to peer you.

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